Why does a Serviced Office cost so much? Or is there a way to reduce the cost?

Why does a Serviced Office cost so much? It may be easy to draw the conclusion that a Serviced Office is expensive, when the rented floor area is compared to the advertised commercial lease cost of a larger office space. However, it must be remembered that a commercial lease usual commitment is 3 years (occasionally 1 year may be possible), plus there are legal costs and outgoings typically to be paid. A Serviced Office can usually be rented on a one month notice basis, greatly reducing financial risk. Plus the benefits of common facilities (Meeting Room, Kitchen , Internet, Parking), which may all be included.  Not to forget the benefit of a busiess address of suitably professional standing.   As a means to reduce cost, a serviced office provider may be open to two businesses sharing a serviced office (either the space, or days in the week), provided one of the businesses takes on the contractual responsibility. Living Workspace has the flexibility to consider options of this type.  Please feel free to discuss these options or others, with us.