Living Workspace

Re-Inventing Our Worklife

After six months living with Covid-19, it is clear our lives have changed in lasting and significant ways; we are unlikely to revert back to what we once took for granted.  Perhaps nowhere is this more significant than in the nature and character of our work life.  Covid-19 has tripped a circuit breaker and for very many people the jobs they recently knew have evaporated and will not return – at least not any time soon, and likely not in the same format.  None of this is news.

Such change and dislocation, whilst traumatic and involuntary, nevertheless spawns new opportunity.  Actively seeking out new ways to generate value and income requires courage, confidence and resilience.  Plus a helping hand never goes astray.  When all the cards are on the table, anything is possible.  For Living Workspace, we too, are challenging ourselves to support our business clients in new ways as they pursue those opportunities.  As a Business Centre, nothing is off the table.  Ask what we can do for you.

Michael Trask is the founder and Director of Living Workspace Business Centre, Norwest