Living Workspace

Taking a Break

What is really important to us at work?  Maybe it’s how other people see us that provides the best insight.  Of course when we get home we all ask “how was your day”.  But have you really listened and thought about the response?   How does your partner describe their day, and where does the conversation flow?  Sure, there’s probably a bit about the work itself, clients and feelings, successes and frustrations.  And then maybe the talk turns to work colleagues.   How much of the total conversation is about people at work?  50%?  More?   So what does this tell us?  Of course many would share the view that we are sociable beings and being part of a team or work group is incredibly important to us.  There are probably truly few who thrive on working alone.  A shared work place has a lot to offer and, it seems to me, this is more important than ever, in a world where we seem to be increasingly working as small autonomous units.

Michael Trask is the owner of Living Workspace Business Centre, Norwest.