Living Workspace

Taking a Break

The perennial question – when to take a break? Or more fundamentally, can the Sole Trader or Key Person in a micro business afford to take a break at all?  The benefit and importance of taking regular breaks is generally accepted, offering regenerative time to self and family.  And even the business too, through time to reflect, review and strategise.  However, effecting a quality break, quarantined from the daily demands of clients, staff, compliance and routine is easier said than done.  In this 24/7/52 world do you snatch a week, field a few calls and hope no one notices the difference?   Or do you brief your clients that you’ll be away for a week and assure them that you’ll attend to their further needs immediately on your return? Either way, what’s the risk that both holiday and client relationship are compromised?

A business organisation that is independent, competent and professionally committed to managing your business while you are away can give confidence, both to your clients and to you.   A professional organisation knowing when to call you and when not, or being able to provide a daily summary by email, or in whatever format desired, can provide you the peace of mind to achieve from your holiday objectives, with the bonus of returning to clients who understand that you’ve made an extra commitment to ensuring their needs are met during your time away.    Even that three week family trip overseas might suddenly look more achievable

Michael Trask is the owner of Living Workspace Business Centre, Norwest.